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Disability Insurance

Your greatest asset is your ability to earn income. What would happen to you, your family and/or your business if you couldn’t work due to an unexpected accident, injury or illness? Life is unpredictable. Be prepared and protected with Disability Insurance.

Personal disability income protection is the cornerstone to one’s financial strategy. If you can’t work and earn income, it’s impossible to pay bills, educate your children, maintain your lifestyle and save for retirement.

Disability insurance coverage replaces a large portion of lost income when you are sick or injured. It can be used to supplement your employer’s disability benefits, which often does not provide enough income protection on its own. You may also choose to protect your retirement contributions or student loan payments with a disability income policy. Personal disability insurance allows you to focus on what is important, your recovery, rather than worrying about finances. Money issues are the last thing a person who is trying to heal needs, invading savings that have been set aside for college, retirement, etc., only makes matters worse.

For business owners, how would your business continue and thrive if you were unable to work? Paying employee salaries and benefits, rent, utilities and other business expenses may be impossible without proper disability insurance planning.

Dickenson & Associates specializes in disability income protection for individuals, business owners, hospital systems and private practices. We can assist in finding the appropriate coverage for your specific situation by researching the best carrier to fit your needs.

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